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The BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS is a juried show and has operated using this professional process since its beginning in 1978. Annually we welcome invited alumni exhibitors and submissions from new artists.

The definition of fine art by which submissions for the BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS are measured is as follows;

  • The selective re-creation of reality, to express human perspectives and values, in a highly skilled fashion incorporating creative innovation through the medium of painting, drawing and sculpture.

  • In keeping with the ’spirit’ of the qualities of great skill, and innovation BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS also recognizes these qualities in other creative mediums such as pottery, jewellery, photography, wood turning, illustration, glass and textiles.

  • Photographic Art Selection criteria


General Information – Established in 1978, the Buckhorn Cultural Centre and Athletic Association (BCC) is a non-profit organization supported by the fundraising successes of special events like the BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS. The BCC offers a fully accessible and clean facility available for rent for family functions, community groups and training sessions, as well as for the services and programs presented by the BCC.  The 10 acre park is surrounded by nature and is basically made up of two sections:

  • Buckhorn Cultural Centre: approximately 10,000 sq. ft. of indoor year-round space that houses 25 to 40 booths, the Festival administration office, Info Booth, the Artists Lounge, public washrooms, the Volunteer Lounge, Artist Check-in Centre, as well as the Special Exhibit Gallery, Amateur Art Competition and the Youth Art Display.

  • Festival Park: five (5) acres with a collection of eleven small galleries housing 4 to 11 booths each, the Pavilion (a roofed open-sided shelter), the gardens and ‘Johnny on the Spot’ washrooms.



  • Artists are required to be on site for all days and hours of operation.

  • Artists are required to hang/display a minimum of 80% original work.

  • Artists are required to display 20% original work that has never been exhibited at BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS.

  • Artists can display a maximum of 20% quality reproductions such as giclée or limited edition prints, though only one of each image may be hung in your booth at a time, while additional reproductions can be available from a designated professional and esthetic storage space.

  • To further enhance your display of original and reproduction work an additional maximum of 20% of your work can include quality retail ready cards and calendars displayed in a professional and esthetic manner.

  • To keep the booths contemporary and current, your original artworks must have been completed within the last three years.

  • All art that is hung in your booth must be “ready to hang”, framed, gallery wrapped.

  • Artists are only permitted to include that medium which has been approved by the Jury.

  • The Artist warrants that the work being shown is the Artist’s own work and shall not infringe or violate any copyright law.  The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and save harmless the BCC and its officers, directors, employees and volunteers from any and all claims made in this regard.

  • Artists are required to provide their own insurance, conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow all rules and regulations outlined in the contract and other literature.

  • All sales made at the Festival are subject to 20% commission, plus HST, payable to the Buckhorn Cultural Centre.



  • Original artwork painting” means two-dimensional original artwork conceived and created by the artist. Two-dimensional means that mixed media cannot exceed an inch in depth on paper, board, or canvas. “Original” also means that if a painting is based on photos, the photos were taken by the artist.

  • “Traditional media” meaning:  oil, oil pastel, soft pastel, charcoal, graphite, ink, watercolour, casein, gouache, encaustic, acrylic, mixed media (all water media or oil based media); silver or other metal point; collage, mixed media collage; dye, wax and other crayons on canvas, paper, handmade paper, fabric, or board; fine art photography; printmaking (etching, mezzotint, lithography, woodcut, monotype, mono print, aquatint).

  • A reproduction is defined as “a photomechanical copy of a one-of-a kind work of art conceived by the artist. Numbering and signing a mechanical reproduction does not change its essence; it is still a reproduction.



10′ – $180.80 (with HST)
12′ – $216.96 (with HST)
16′ – $289.28 (with HST) (not available to first-time exhibitors)

The choice of location of Exhibitors will be at the absolute discretion of festival management.  Exhibitors will be housed in the Community Centre building or in the Festival Park pavilions/galleries.  New exhibitorswill be limited to a 10’ or 12’ booth only.  Empty booths due to last minute cancellations will be filled at the discretion of the BFOTA Director.  Artists are not permitted to fill empty booths without authorization from the BFOTA Director. Changes to exhibitor booth must be done outside of Festival hours for the duration of the show. 

Exhibitor Booths are designed and built by the BCC prior to your arrival.  The booths are constructed of plywood and painted a soft sage green with your name sign (white lettering on forest green) centered on the back wall of your booth when you arrive.  Additional name signs are posted on the entrance ways to each building.

Each booth is defined in linear feet by a back wall (10’, 12’, and 16’) and two 4’ side walls.  The maximum distance the Exhibitor is permitted to extend out from the back wall is 5 ½ feet.  The maximum height of walls for hanging art is 8’.  Please use screws rather than nails for hanging in respect for the booth set-up & longevity of the wood.  Please bring your own screws, hooks, screwdriver and step stool.  We expect you to remove screws at the close of the festival.

Please avoid overcrowding art on the booth walls.  All hanging items must be framed/gallery wrapped canvas and has at least 3” between them.  Please do not hang art within 2 feet of the floor.  Please keep paintings and prints off the floor and do not lean items against the walls. You will be asked to remove any clutter on the floor of your booth.  All booths must look professional and current.

Backdrops – As the back and side walls are painted wood, you are encouraged to ‘enhance’ appropriately and professionally.  If you wish to use fabric backdrops and/or props in your booth, please get approval of the materials from the Show Director prior to putting them up.

Lighting – Exhibitors need to bring their own lighting to enhance their work. Please consider using LED bulbs. The overhead fluorescent lighting in all buildings will be turned off after setup, for the duration of the show. Light tracks with lightweight swivel lamp heads, or wire clamp-on lamp holders work best.  If you have a large booth in the Community Centre, please don’t bring metal swing-arm drafting table lighting: the combined weight is too much over the length of the light support valances that we provide.

Electricity and Extension cords – Booths have access to 15-amp service and extension cords are not provided.  You will probably need at least a 20’ extension cord. The BCC supplies hydro at no extra charge to you. 

Chairs – Please include your own chairs in your booth space.  A limited number of stacking-type chairs are available for those booths where requested on the Artist Application Form.  As our chairs are made of plastic, for your safety and the good of the chairs, please do not stand on them.

Tables – Please include your own table in your booth space.  Tables often block access for visitors who would like to move in closer to your art and talk to you without any obstacles. A limited number of tables are available to rent if requested on your Artist Application Form.  If you are stowing items underneath, your table must be covered to the floor.  Please respect your fellow exhibitor’s booth space when placing items within the 5 ½ foot parameter of your designated booth.   


Demonstrations, Presentations and/or Work In Progress – We encourage everyone to demonstrate some aspect of his/her creative process as a conversation starter in or near your booth.

Alcohol – It is critically important that; 1) the only liquor on the grounds/buildings is that which has been purchased from the Festival operations and 2) all wine and beer is consumed in the licensed area only.

Smoking is only permitted outside the buildings and marquees.   We appreciate your respect for the beauty of our environment and safety of the visitors as you use the ashtrays/cans provided throughout the park.  Please refrain from smoking too close to the open doors of the buildings.

Exhibitor Hosting – is available in limited supply, through the generous cooperation of local families, for sleeping accommodation and breakfast. The cost for this service is $65 per night for one person and an additional $10 per extra person in the same room.  Rooms are available for Friday and Saturday evening. We will be in contact with you if you indicate on your Artist Application Form that you would like to take advantage of this service.  There are also many resorts and B&B’s in the area you can contact directly – visit www.bucktourism.ca for more information.

Artist Lounge – We provide a quiet area at the south west entrance of the BCC for artists to relax in.

Parking – One reserved parking space is available for each Exhibitor and 1 assistant.  Exhibitor vehicles will not be allowed in the exhibit area during show hours and must be removed from the unloading area no later than 4pm on Friday.  You will receive the appropriate number of parking vouchers in your Registration kit based on the information you provide on your Artist Application Form.

Security – Paid and volunteer security personnel are arranged by BCC and will be on duty throughout the duration of the weekend.  For security purposes, name badges must be worn by Exhibitors and Assistants at all times and vehicle passes must be clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle to allow parking in designated areas.  Name badges as per your Artist Application Form will be available at Check-in, on August 16.

Invoices, Sales and Commission – The BCC provides each Exhibitor with a quantity of 3-part numbered invoice forms (in the Registration Kit, more available on request).  Artists are required to follow the directions (also included in the Registration Kit) for use of these forms for all sales and orders taken.  The 20% commission owed to the BCC will be calculated based on the total net sales (before HST) indicated on these invoice forms.


Point of Sale (POS) Services – It is the responsibility of the artist to have their own payment process. Since there is Wi-Fi throughout Festival Park and the main buildings, we suggest the artist use “The Square” which is available at no charge through your financial institution. There may be a surcharge based on usage from your service provider.

HST – of 13% will be in effect.  The 20% commission on your net sales is also taxable.

Registration/Check-in – The show opens for check-in and set-up from 8am until 4 pm on Friday August 14, 2020.  You agree to check in no later than 2 pm and have your exhibit set up by 4 pm and to keep the booth intact until show closing at 3 pm on Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Settling of Accounts – When you arrive at the BCC we require either a Credit Card number with expiry date or a blank, post-dated cheque (dated no later than  August 21, 2020) to collect any commissions owed by you to the Buckhorn Cultural Centre.  An invoice confirming this amount will be sent to you.

Check-out – Vehicles will be allowed back in exhibit area upon the exit of all festival visitors on Sunday for take down of exhibit.  Exhibits must be completely removed by 6 pm on Sunday, August 16, 2020.

Insurance – The Exhibitor will be responsible for placing their own insurance and the exhibitor agrees to hold the BCC, its officers, directors, employees and volunteers harmless from any and all damage, expense or liability from any injury or damage to any person, including the general public, the exhibitor, its agents or employees or to the property of the exhibitor arising out of the exhibitor’s participation in the Buckhorn Festival of the Arts.  The BCC will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the exhibitor, as a result of fire, theft, water, accidents or other mishaps.


Volunteers – are vitally important to both the BCC and the Festival and we are completely dependent on the commitment of the more than 300 volunteers who are involved in our event.  We work hard to coordinate the right volunteers to the right jobs and to support the volunteers in their work spanning anywhere from four hours to many weeks prior to the event.  We celebrate all volunteers as valuable members of the Festival success team.

Deadline for Application for the 2020 Festival

To be considered as an Exhibiting Artist each submission must follow the rules specifically, in addition to completing the submission form fully.



New Exhibitors: January 10, 2020 by 4pm

2020 BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS New Artist Application

To ensure fair assessment of all submissions the Jury does on occasion request the original art piece be provided at the Buckhorn Community Centre for viewing. If your application falls into this category you will be notified by January 30th and will be required to ship/deliver original work to us for further consideration.

You will receive Notification of Acceptance or Non- Acceptance by email addressed to the contact information you provide on the New Artist Application Form.

Returning Invited Exhibitors: February 1, 2020 by 4pm

2020 BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS Invited Exhibitor Application and Agreement

To be considered as an Exhibiting Artists those invited to participate in the 2019 Festival will be required to return their complete contract, image(s) for inclusion in promotional material and payment no later than February 1, 2019.

Late or incomplete applications will be held on a waiting list until booths are filled with new exhibitors and returning artists who have completed applications by the deadline of February 1, 2020.

Cancellation Policy

If an accepted artist needs to cancel their Festival participation, the BUCKHORN FESTIVAL OF THE ARTS requires notification by email on or before JUNE 30, 2019 and a $50.00 administration fee is non-refundable. 

After June 30, funds will not be refunded.

Applications should be submitted...

By mail to:
Buckhorn Cultural Centre, PO Box 280, Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0

By courier to:
Buckhorn Cultural Centre, 1782 Lakehurst Road,  Buckhorn, Ontario, K0L 1J0


2020 Hours:

Friday, August 14 – Registration – 8 am to 4 pm

Saturday, August 15 – Show and Sale – 10 am to 5 pm

Sunday, August 16 – Show and Sale – 10 am to 4 pm

Telephone: (705) 657-1918   

Email: info@buckhornartfestival.ca