Sea & Scenery Virtual Art Competition Winners

Below are the winners for our Sea and Scenery virtual art competition, announced August 14, 2021. Thank you for your patience!

This competition was generously sponsored by Lynn Woodcroft from Royal LePage real estate.




Submissions can include bodies of water (lakes, oceans, ponds, rivers), living elements (famous landmarks, farmlands, villages), weather conditions, and/or some of nature’s most beautiful views, etc.

This competition is open to all art mediums including but not limited to drawing, digital, and photography. Submissions can be abstract or representation art.

Submission deadline: August 6, 2021

Winners announced: August 14, 2021


Each entry was judged out of a total of 80 points. Each entry was judged on the following:

1. Interpretation and Clarity (Does it include a body of water, living element, weather condition, etc.)

2. Creativity and Originality of depicted theme.

3. Quality of artistic composition and overall design based on theme.

4. Judge's overall impression of submission.

Name: Colleen Bradstock “French River Morning”

Her artist statement was “This is a favourite spot of mine on the French River found just above Little Pine Rapids where I have camped many times”


Name: Heather Doughty “Flight”


Heather says “This image is part of a larger series of work that attempts to visually tell the story of our human connection to water as interpreted by the artistry of dance. I have always been fascinated by water. I grew up in Lakehurst, Ontario and spent my summers in and around the multitude of lakes in that area. My father was from Cape Breton and perhaps genetically I have inherited the unspoken connection to water. As our society pushes Mother Nature to the edge, I began to become increasingly aware of the inherherient connection between water and humans and the incredible majestey and power that water can wield. Through a collaboration with competive dancer Madison Sheward, we began to explore water stories a human could tell if they gave themselves over to water and to attempt to mimic the essence that water has. This image is created on a tumultuous evening on the rock beach in Cobourg, as the waves building out in Lake Ontario marched relentlessly onto the shore; powerful and raw; the white caps mirroring the moodiness of the clouds in the sky and as Madison moved with the water, she leapt as the waves reached the rocks; at that moment the sun broke through and bathed her and the lake in a god's ray of light. This is my first submission to your competition; however growing up in Lakehurst, I have attended many festivals and have always loved and admired this festival of incredible art”


Name: Barbara Corbin- “Rough Seas”

Barbara says this piece was created from recycled dryer sheets and acrylics (no particular location).


Thank you all for participating in this years virtual art competition! Please stay tuned for updates regarding next year Buckhorn Festival of the Arts.